Things to do in Breckenridge

What are the ideal aspects you think of when ‘small mountain town getaway’ comes to mind? Is there a certain activity that sparks your initial interest? What about a time of year, weather, or group of friends that feed your excitement when you are thinking of a mountain vacay? We have compiled a list of the best things to do in Breckenridge.

Whatever enthuses you about a mountain getaway, Breckenridge is an incredible town to indulge in those activities you love most. Here is a solid list of various activities that are bound to excite any kind of mountain traveler in Breckenridge, Colorado. 


Snowmobiling Breckenridge

Let’s all talk about an amazing, high-energy adventure for all ages through the mountains. Snowmobiling adventures bring individuals the calmness of being tucked away in the snowcapped forests, but the exhilaration of riding fast through the backcountry. Snowmobiling gives the opportunity to fully disconnect and enjoy the essence of nature. The snowmobiling guides in Summit County are truly knowledgeable and know their way around the backcountry. The guides bring a high-energy vibe to all tours. They can conduct tours of any level through the peaks and valleys of Summit County. Two snowmobile tour companies that would be an excellent recommendation for a snowmobile adventure include Good Times Adventure Tours and Breckenridge Snowmobiling Tours and Rentals. 

At Good Times Adventure Tours, the tour begins with a short tutorial from the guide including how to ride, maneuver, and enjoy the snowmobile. Then the experienced guide will take the tour up the trails of the Swan River Valley. This tour lasts for two hours and gives everyone incredible views of the Continental Divide from 11,585 ft.

At Breckenridge Snowmobiling Tours and Rentals, the company offers both guided and unguided tours. They offer an array of different areas that attend to all levels of snowmobile riders. All tours begin on trails that wind through the forest and then climb to the high alpine bowls and meadows of the Continental Divide. 

At both locations’ reservations are required and the tour needs to be paid in full at the time of the order. 

Dog Sledding Breckenridge 

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a Musher? What it feels like to be pulled by a pack of dogs winding you through the trails of the backcountry? If you have fancied these experiences, then Breckenridge is a perfect place to have an incredible day of dog sledding. At Good Times Adventures they offer dog sledding through the Swan River Valley. The tour can handle up to 6 people and the guides run the tour like a relay, which consists of the guests switching off between running the dogs, riding in the dog sled, and sitting with the guide in the sleigh. This experience is one-of-a-kind, and the dogs are just too cute to pass! 

Skiing/Snowboarding in Breckenridge

5 peaks in one little mountain town, now that’s pretty “EPIC!” Breckenridge ski resort is an incredible mountain for all levels of skiers and snowboards. I promise I am not just being bias because I live here… Breckenridge Resort truly is a diverse place to enjoy riding or skiing. From Peak 6 to Peak 10 there is something for everyone. Also, the gondola connects the center of town to the ski resort, which makes parking convenient, lodging easily accessible and après far too easy.

Vail resorts have everything one needs to know about the terrain, ski and snowboard lessons, reservations, and more. Get all the details before you visit so the slopes can be fully enjoyed!  

Cross Country Skiing in Breckenridge at the Nordic Center

“They call me Cardi B, I run this s**t like cardio.” If you love to jam out to some solid pump-up music and hit some cardio on your vacation days, Cross Country Skiing is an activity to try. Cross Country Skiing at approx. 10,000 ft. is definitely a task, but it is well worth it in Breckenridge! The Breckenridge Nordic Center has a vast amount of land that spans from Ski Hill Rd. (where the lodge is) to over 1,400 acres of trails curving through the snowcapped forest. These trails welcome snowshoe enthusiasts and Nordic skiers.

The Breckenridge Nordic Center is truly unique, not only for the extreme beauty it offers, but it also has the longest open season in Colorado. There are over 30 kilometers of well-groomed Nordic trails with set tracks that are welcome to all skill levels. Keep your eyes peeled along the trails as the wildlife is abundant in this area and the history of the gold mining era is prominent.  

The Breckenridge Nordic Center rents Nordic skis and snowshoes, as well as, offers lessons at the facility! Contact them today for more details. 

Sledding in Breckenridge 

1,2,3… a big push from behind jolts the sled forward, down the slick mountain and the feeling of pure joy immediately hits the face. Within moments, the corners of the mouth tilt towards the sky, and life feels very playful and spot on. Sledding sometimes is an underrated activity by visitors and locals in Summit County. However, it really should not be overlooked because it is an activity that is guaranteed to bring joy, great memories, and lots of laughs. The best spots in Breckenridge to sled include Carter Park and Runway Sledding Hill

At both sledding locations in Breckenridge, individuals need to bring their sleds. It is best to buy one of those cheap plastic saucers for a faster experience down the hill. Timing is also crucial to hit both of these hills. For the most fun, venture over to the sledding hills when it has not snowed in a while. The packed slickness of the hill is far more enjoyable for quicker speeds.  

Tubing at Frisco Adventure Park

So, you like sledding?! Well, let’s take sledding to another level with tubing at Frisco Adventure Park. This tubing hill is amazing and easily accessible for people traveling to Breckenridge. Individuals can decide between several lanes that provide a different experience from mellow to fast and steep. A huge highlight for engaging in a tubing day is the access to a magic carpet that takes tubers up to the top of the hill. This allows individuals to save all of their energy for the excitement on the way down!  

The Frisco Adventure Park tubing hill charges an hourly rate and requires reservations. 

Fly fishing in the Winter

Summit County is an unreal place for anglers of all levels. The fly fishing in Summit County is enjoyable year-round, which is very rare for high country conditions. Breckenridge is considered a world-class spot for anglers to drop a line, so take a day off from the slopes and try the unique experience of fly fishing in the snow! 

In Breckenridge the fly-fishing company, Mountain Angler takes individuals and groups out on fly fishing tours during the winter season. They conduct half-day and full-day wade trips from December through March. They take these tours to tailwaters, which are rivers that flow from the bottom of a dam and stay ice-free year around. If individuals are looking to fly fish solo, Mountain Angler’s experience and knowledge can also give awesome recommendations to certain places that would be great for that time of the season. 


Hike the McCullough Gulch Trail

The McCullough Gulch Trail is a splendid recommendation for a steady hike in Breckenridge that is good for all levels. This very well-maintained trail is approximately 6.2 miles round trip and has a stunning lake at the top of the hike. The sound of water will surround you throughout the trek as different waterfalls flow around the trail. 

This trail starts off of Highway 9, near the Quandary hike starting point. Thus, there is a small drive from Breckenridge (10-12 minutes). Enjoy this hike with anyone, your dogs, friends, children, or yourself! Check out All Trails for more details. 

Horseback Riding in Breckenridge 

“Giddy up!” Get out your cowboy hats and boots and get ready to have blast on a horseback riding tour in Breckenridge. Throughout the summer months, horseback riding is very popular for locals and tourists alike. At both the Breckenridge Stables and Gore Range Outfitters, individuals will get the true western style experience. 

The guides will take groups throughout the high country along stunning trails, across creeks to the top of the peaks. Horseback riding tours in Breck make for a very fun day for any age! 

Sailing on Lake Dillon 

Sailing on Lake Dillon is one grand experience for the entire group in the summer! The day spent in the casual breeze, gorgeous sunshine, and a lake surrounded by towering peaks is unforgettable. 

The Dillon Marina Sailing School is certified by the American Sailing Association and the dedicated staff teaches individuals how to sail. There are a variety of courses and tours available from the Dillon Marina. After enjoying the day on the water, indulge in a fun cocktail at the vibrant Tiki Bar in the Frisco Marina! 

Downhill Biking on Peak 8 and Vail Pass Shuttle 

Are you an extremist looking to fill that adrenaline rush while you’re on vacation in Breckenridge? A perfect place to do so is downhill mountain biking on Peak 8. To engage in this activity, individuals need to bring a mountain bike to the base of Peak 8 Breckenridge where they will get onto the chairlift with their bike hanging from the back of the chair. The Colorado Super Chair will take the bikers up to the top. From the Vista Haus, there are multiple single-track trails to send it on the way down. 

If downhill biking is a little too extreme or past your biking level comfort, a great option is renting a Vail Pass Bike Shuttle Tour. The Vail Pass biking shuttles are super fun for the whole group! A variety of bike rental companies in Breckenridge take groups up to the top of vail pass and then hand over the freedom to the individuals to enjoy the pleasant, easy ride down to Frisco. During the ride, the views are breathtaking, and the ride is a consistent relaxed pace to take in all of the sights. The shuttle will pick up all of the riders at a set destination in Frisco to bring the riders back to Breckenridge.

This is a perfect day trip to grasp the beauty of the high country. Two companies highly recommend for the Biking Vail Shuttle Tours include, Alpine Sports and Mountain Wave. Both companies have a fun and reliable staff that engage greatly with the riders! 


Downtown Breckenridge 

Main Street Breckenridge is most definitely one of the biggest highlights of this lively mountain town! It is a perfect mix of boutique stores, studios, cute coffee shops, world-class restaurants, craft beer, fun bars, and good vibes. Different stores all over town offer unique merchandise, art, Breckenridge souvenirs, and travel tees. The downtown area is excellent year-round and always offers new sights as well as events. During any Breckenridge vacay, carve out some time to stroll the different streets of downtown and always remember to shop local. 

Boudoir Photo Session 

Feeling amazing, sexy, and fabulous in your own skin is a perfect way to spend any day whether one is on vacation or not! A Boudoir Session is where an individual will wear a sexy outfit, dress, lingerie, or go unclothed to get their photos taken by a professional photographer. Boudoir is not just a photo session it is a fun experience that helps one get in touch with their individual self. During the experience, the goal is to make the individual feel confident, empowered, and expressive. 

In Breckenridge, professional photographer, Alisa Messeroff has founded a studio called Unapologetically You Studios, which brings the Boudoir experience to the mountains. She strives to make every client feel extremely powerful in their skin while having an amazing time! When you book a session with Alisa it includes hair, makeup and you can bring 6-8 different outfits! She works through a variety of poses with her clients and she does same-day reveals to ensure the client is fully satisfied. I promise you will be.

A Nice Hike to the Breckenridge Troll 

The ultimate art-viewing experience is in the middle of the forest after a tranquil hike through the woods. During the Breckenridge International Arts Festival, a 15-foot Giant Troll art piece was created by Danish artist, Thomas Dambo. The wooden troll’s name is Isak and the troll has stuck around in Breckenridge for all to view! Isak is located on the Trollstigen Trail in Breckenridge, which is on the southeast corner of the Ice Arena Parking Lot. This art display is most definitely worth the short hike and the entire family will enjoy the experience. 

There are so many things to do in Breckenridge, Colorado! Maybe I am bias but I believe it to be one of the most magical mountain towns in the world.

Ellie Hartman
Content Creator for Unapologetically You Studios

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