The Unapologetically You




We all are riding the rollercoaster called life. We have ups and downs and sometimes it feels so intense that we dream of what could be. "What if's" may arise... what if you had taken one path instead of the one you took. Girl, I totally get it and I have been there. You feel this heavy weight over you but you don't know how to break free. 

First off, this is YOUR journey and you can always CHANGE your journey. Change can be scary but it can also be LIFE ALTERING.

What if everything that has happened in your life has led you to be here right now...
I truly do not believe in coincidences. You are here because you want to look but most importantly FEEL like a goddess. And YOU ARE A GODDESS... but she may be buried down a little bit deeper then you know how to access.

What would life look like if you actually started to trust your intuition and STOP worrying about what everyone else is projecting onto you. YOU ARE STRONG, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARE A DAMN WARRIOR!

As a boudoir photographer, I realized that many of my clients were looking for more than just a beautiful portrait session. They were looking for a life change. They were looking to feel empowered forever... and so The Unapologetically You Journey was created. I work One-On-One with my clients over a 6 week period to transform their life and find clarity on who they are and what they want. After the 6 weeks have ended each client has the option to add on a portrait session to show their journey, whether that be a boudoir session to show their confidence or a transformative portrait session to show the release of their past.

It is totally normal to feel fear and overwhelm when taking the leap into something new. Together we will overcome what has been holding you back from your past and we will work together to find complete clarity for your future. 

A little bit about me, I am a professional photographer, intuitive and reiki practitioner.


As a young child I was extremely sensitive. I felt and saw things that others didn’t. My parents told me I had an active imagination. Throughout my teen years and into adulthood I continued to experience communication with spirits but always tried to ignore it. ​

Several years ago I began seeing visions and feeling emotions that I knew were not connected to me. If I am being very honest this scared me silly and I kept pushing it aside. Then one day I had a vision that was so real, it was something I could no longer ignore. That vision played out almost exactly as I saw it 2 months later. It was a very difficult time in my life but ultimately led to my attunement in Reiki, where everything seemed to feel aligned.

While working together with my coaching clients I do tune in to provide further clarity.

You're Perfect


you WILL set yourself free.


Client Love

How raw I would be.
And how happy I would be to have this lovely new friend who just plain gets me after all of it.

We met weekly to process different parts of this journey and to bring emotions to the surface that had been buried, in some cases, for decades.

It feels so good to let it go out into the universe. To scream a gutteral, angry, sad, scream - as you'll see in one of these photos.

And it feels even better to be able to move forward, knowing with strong conviction WHO I AM as a woman, a professional, a mom and my own person. 

When you ask me who I am these days, I don't just say "I'm a super busy mom with four kids." I share much more than that. 
I'm a small business owner in fitness and food who takes massive pride in what she does for her clients and loves EVERY SECOND of it from creating delicious food for special celebrations as a chef to helping people as a coach to find an effective route to a healthier, stronger way of life through fitness and nutrition.

I love to be outside and would live among the critters in the forest if it was socially acceptable (and not painfully cold).
I miss riding my bike and hope to get back on it again soon. Riding makes me feel powerful and strong, and also like I can fly - you've just gotta love a good descent after a big climb.

And then, like the glitter that makes unicorns so special, I'll tell you that I'm a mom, and I'm a damn good one. I love my babies and would fight for them any day. But we also have a ton of fun with dance parties and being just all out silly together.

All because I reached out one day when the universe said, "Julie: enough is enough. It's time to make a change."
And so now, here we are ❤ 
Onward, friends.
I started the Unapologetically You Journey with Alisa at a time when my heart was breaking and my soul was completely lost.

I was grasping at straws trying to figure out who I was as a person, a businesswoman, a mother, a spouse and a friend. I was on the verge of having some freaking massive panic attacks, and almost did one night back in February.

To say that Alisa played a role in changing my life and my mindset from the inside out would be a complete understatement.
We processed grief.
All. The. Things.

And then, at the end, we went to her studio on a rainy afternoon for this photo shoot to capture all of it. She took me back through the memories and the emotions and snapped along the way.

When we got together afterwards to review these, I certainly had an idea of what they'd look like - I was there, after all - but I didn't realize how completely raw they would be.

I would absolutely love to talk with you. Coaching is provided both in person if located in Summit County, CO or virtually.

Please send an email to to learn more.

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