Stop Apologizing

Do you say I’m sorry a lot? I know, I know. We all do it! It’s a woman thing; it’s not that men don’t apologize, they do. However, as women, we tend to do it more. For example who hasn’t casually said  “I’m sorry, I forgot” or “I’m sorry to interrupt but…” or “I’m sorry I can’t” etc. You need to stop all that apologizing! 

I’m not talking about apologizing to fix a broken relationship, or admitting when you’ve wronged someone. I’m talking about all those little daily apologies. All those embarrassing moments you feel the need to say “I’m sorry” for. It can become quite a bad habit for some of us. 

You may not realize it, but when you apologize, you give away your power. As women, oftentimes we are apologizing for something that we shouldn’t even feel sorry for. We do it to be super polite.

You are everything you were meant to be.

Most importantly, when you over apologize, you open yourself up for scrutiny. You are allowing the world to think there’s something wrong with you, when in fact you are everything you were meant to be. Your life’s experiences made you who you are. Your journey in life brought you to the place you are standing in, at this very moment.

Be proud of who you are, and how hard you have worked to survive. Allow yourself to be strong and thrive. Take back your power, stop apologizing, and allow yourself to be who you are without regret.
Start with your physical stance. Sit up straight, and hold your head high. You will breathe better and feel better. Always stand proud and confident. Even if you don’t fully believe it right now, you will eventually start to feel it, and so will everyone else. Try dressing a little sexier too, and relish in the attention.  And don’t ever apologize for your sexiness. If you got it flaunt it ladies. And trust me, you got it. 

There is someone in this world right now who thinks you’re sexy.

There is someone in this world right now, who wants to see you in that lingerie and damn girl… you should want to see yourself in that lingerie! Appreciate everything your body has done for you and celebrate it. Show it off. Don’t apologize for your sexy parts, don’t apologize for your broken parts. Just don’t apologize period.

Take today to notice how often you may say “I’m sorry.” Can you stop yourself from doing it? Can you omit those two words and instead replace it instead with gratitude? Instead of saying “sorry I’m late” say instead “thank you for your patience.” Take back your power and stop apologizing.

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Nicole Shea
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