Give Gratitude

“It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy”

Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return to kindness. Being thankful – it’s something we’re all talking about today right? What are we thankful for? Our families, our friends, a roof over our heads, the food on our holiday table etc. This year with everything that is going on (ahem Covid), I think we should all be especially grateful for our health.

Our bodies are quite remarkable machines, are’t they? Taking in nourishment, converting it into energy, taking you where you need to go, fighting off viruses etc. Not gonna lie though, today, on Thanksgiving, I’m planning to over nourish myself and indulge! It’s the one day a year where most of us give ourselves permission to eat as much as we want. Isn’t it glorious?! As women, most of the year we are trying to limit ourselves; obsessing over how we can lose those last stubborn 5 to 15lbs.

This year though, I’m going to be extra grateful for my body. I’m going to stop thinking about what I don’t like about it, and start thinking about all it’s done for me. My body has kept me healthy this year; and there’s a good chance is going to continue to keep me healthy. 

My Body is a Temple

I’m going to tell myself today that no, my body is not a temple; it’s a home that I live in. It is a home that’s kept me safe this year, and healed itself every time I’ve asked it to. And my body is beautiful damn it! This year I’m going to allow myself to love my body, and speak kindly to it.

Today I challenge you to thank your body – thank it for all it does for you, and will continue to do for you.  Think of what you love about your body. Whether it be your legs, your hair, your brain. It is beautiful, it is perfect the way it is, and it is incredibly sexy too. 

They say that the happiest people, are those that are truly grateful. I think once one is grateful for one’s body and can fully appreciate it, that is when that body confidence and the contentment that we all crave with our body’s physical appearance, will be realized.

Nicole Shea
Studio Manager & Content Creator at Unapologetically You Studios

  1. Monika Harner says:

    Yes Queen!! You are perfect and amazing just as you are! I am thankful to have you as a friend! Love you!

  2. Britt Widman says:

    Can I get an Amen?! So true.

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