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Lizzo sang soulfully in one of her hits, “Soulmate,” “That b**ch in the mirror-like yeah, I’m in love.” Lizzo is an icon that continuously repeats excellent manifestations on how to love and be truly confident in one’s own skin. She embodies the empowerment of women and the quest for greatness.

However, as a woman, sometimes we do have our days. Those certain days where we don’t feel good in the mirror, where the outfit doesn’t fit quite right, where the wire under the bra is pressing a little too hard, and where that pesky pimple keeps coming back. Trust me, all of us women have those certain days in common. We truly are on this psychological roller coaster together. It is critical for women to keep finding different paths that make each one of us feel confident, important, as well as, powerful.

Different women put their energy towards various avenues to heighten the feeling of self-confidence, self-love, and overall empowerment. Many find self-boosts through motivating authors, their partner, Pinterest inspiration, a solid work out, retail therapy, photography, and much more. All of these self-boosting tools give women a chance to get out of their own head and invite in the aspects of self-confidence.

Photography, for instance, has been a great way for women to feel a strong sense of empowerment. They are able to flaunt the aspects that they love about themselves and embrace the feelings of that moment. A category of photography that has successfully been around for a long time; revealing women in a vulnerable, yet confident state is a category called Boudoir.


What is boudoir?

Boudoir directly translates to a women’s private sitting room, bedroom, or dressing room. Back in the 1920’s Boudoir came to life, although it was illegal, as a form of photography with women posing naked for photos in a private setting. While it took until the 70’s to take off, it has been extremely successful since. It is incredibly empowering for women because it exemplifies women at their most vulnerable and most self-confident nature. It gives women the chance to be unapologetically themselves.

Boudoir has been misinterpreted or misunderstood as a form of art that is created for the pleasing of someone else. The final product most definitely can be a gift for another person to enjoy. However, the main purpose of Boudoir and the reason it has been so successful is that it is an effective path for women to feel a love for their body that empowers them. Finding something that makes a woman feel sexy does not have to be about pleasing someone else, It most certainly can be about just pleasing yourself.

So, let’s take it back to Lizzo, “You deserve to feel good as hell. We all deserve to feel good as hell.” She speaks some serious truths. Women should find specific activities, paths, other humans, and hobbies that bring positivity, confidence, and self-worth into every single day. Boudoir photography could paint a new avenue of possibilities to feel a sense of confidence, rawness, and uplifting self-love.

Ellie Hartman
Content Creator for Unapologetically You Studios

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