I Heard Boudoir Is “Expensive…”

Why is boudoir so expensive?

I think it’s safe to assume that this question runs through most everyone’s heads when considering booking a Boudoir Session with any reputable boudoir studio. People have become accustomed to “fast and cheap,” which is why McDonald’s and Amazon are so popular. A boudoir shoot should be neither of those things!

My friend’s grandmother always said, ‘good stuff ain’t cheap and cheap stuff ain’t good.’ And she’s pretty smart.

Here at Unapologetically You Studios, we focus on a quality experience with timeless images and high-end finished products that are only going to increase in value to you as time passes.

When considering booking a Boudoir Session with us, keep in mind that it is a full day Experience – our shoots run from 9/10 AM – 5/6 PM, we only work with one client per day! No rushing people in and out of the studio, no kicking people out if they need extra time, no stress of constantly watching the clock, and no waiting in the hallway for your ‘turn’. Sessions take as long as they need to, though we do have a pretty perfect system in place to keep the day running on schedule. We don’t half-ass around here. We give you 110% effort and provide you with the best of the best of the best.

If you are interested in booking a session with us, please contact us here!

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